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I think this is all a taste thing - so I will preface my reviews with this - I HATE the taste of artificial sweetners (I am highly allergic to aspartame - so anything that tastes of artificiality makes me nervous even if it isn't aspartame). I am also a trained chef so I tend to be a bit of a food snob so that is where my reviews are coming from -- and I should add that my food downfalls rarely involve sweets but usually (at least before IP) involve savory carbs (I won't torture you all with a list :-) -- but that will help frame my reviews)

I cannot eat any of the WF products straight out of the bottle - so here is what i do

Ranch -- YUCK, YUCK, YUCK - but since I bought it here is how I doctor it up to be passable --I add good quality dijion mustard, a splash or 6 of lemon juice, anchovy paste, garlic paste, fresh (or dried) dill, a lemon shallot pepper, and some franks (or whatever brand you like) hot sauce for a buffalo ranch flavor -- this is passable

Ceasar - okay -- I use it as a base for my basil spinach pesto which I then stuff into chicken breasts --not sure I could eat this one on a salad by itself

Honey Dijon - really really weird aftertaste - I have not experimented enough to make this one a real crowd pleaser - I will update this thread if I find something that works

Italian - this is a good base to add more mustard, perhaps some curry powder, a little vinegar -- of all the dressings this one is the best out of the bottle but not exactly stellar

Ketchup-- This is my FAVORITE --and not for the ketchup - but it is an ideal base for many yummy creations (but by itself as ketchup-- it is only oka)--I make an Asian salad dressing using a dash of sesame oil, a few splashes of soy sauce, a bit of rice vinegar and some Chinese hot mustard powder -- very good on veggies (and in an Asian style slaw) and in stir fries -- I also use it as a base for my BBQ sauce (I make my own) -- I have served both the salad dressing and BBQ sauce to a crowded and got rave reviews (no one knew it wasn't the "real stuff") I also believe this is one of the dressing/condiments that does not have sucralose as one of the first 6 ingredients (which might be why I find this one the most palatable)

I have not tried any of the sweet stuff - so I cannot comment.

I hope this helps - or at least saves you a few dollars (I have spent more then I care to admit on these products but I guess in the name of research and experimentation I can sort of justify it)
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