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Default What Was The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back?

Hi I'm new here and I am curious to know what made you decide to lose weight? I'm talking about 'That's it! I'm tired of this! This is no way to live!' type of moment that made you decide that this time you weren't playing and come **** or high water you WOULD lose weight and lose it for good.

I guess for me I knew that I had to lose weight and that I would lose this weight was when a few things happened:

1. I noticed I had a side boobs? You know the extra bit of boob that sneaks under your arm. It doesn't discriminate either. It will pop up on women and men. Well I realized that I cant put my arms down flat without discomfort so my arms kinda prop out like a muscle bound person without the muscle!

2. I saw my shadow and I was like "OMFG...damn my shadow is fat!" Now you don't even really think about your shadow most times but I'm telling you this shadow was bulky and just not what I imagine my silhouette being in my denial-land. LOL.

3. Finally, the most embarrassing and part that made me cry. I will share it because I know I cant be the only one. Well....the third thing was that I noticed that wiping myself was becoming difficult. There I said it. I noticed I was so fat that I could barely reach my ***. That I had to fight fat rolls to get there because trust me I was going to get there! But I thought I shouldn't have to fight my own *** to be clean.

So, here I am. That was the straw that broke my camel's back.
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