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Originally Posted by Eunice View Post
Hi. I'm new to this forum. Doing the QWLC diet as well and looking for additional support. Started last Tuesday and lost 4 lbs. If anyone has any helpful hints to share for staying true to this program, please share what has worked for you. Could use all the help I can get.


I lost 100 pounds in 5 months on the QWLC program. So many people I know asked me for details that I put together my own version of the system with meal and snack photos as well as recipes. I lost a pound a day for the first 45 days and another 55 pounds in the next 105 days. I didn't believe it was possible to lose that much weight, that fast, without exercise.

I can't insert the link to the PDF file until I have 25 posts. Sorry. Check back.


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