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OK, so we had a snow day yesterday, and I didn't know it - came in to work without even a thought of checking the TV! I stayed for about an hour and got some stuff done, then headed home. Luckily I only live about 5 minutes away. Idiot.

Everything is going well, although slower now that I have started working out more. That always happens to me, so I am not freaking out. Too much. Well, maybe a little Seriously, though, I am always happier working out than not - I am lucky in that I build muscle fairly quickly so I tend to see results after a short time.

Barbara - I am sleeping better now too. For a while my DH was quite unhappy that I was snoring, and I don't anymore - of course, HE DOES! (totally not weight-related for him) He is driving me insane with the snoring - he has a deviated septum and all sorts of allergies, plus now he has a cold. Ugh.

We used to work out together too, in our home gym. That was fun - but then I got hooked on classes, so I go to a gym, which DH is not into. When we worked out together it was good because we made each other do it. The only pain was that we had to do out cardio at seperate times, so someone had to go first, then workout together and then the other did cardio. That took up time.
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