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Congrats to everyone on your NSV's and the weight loss! I love reading all the posts cause it helps me to know that i'm not the only one that can be an over thinker.
I weighed in last night and lost 3 pounds I did officially switch to my "weigh-in outfit" so it could have been a little bit of a higher loss from getting out of the jeans but I'm not gonna focus on that!
I got a sheet from my clinic telling me the carb amounts in each vegetable and she did mention staying within 20-25 carbs a day. So i am just gonna see what I can do about that...maybe i was going over and didn't realize. Plus will probably keep me more accountable with measuring my vegetables and getting them all in.
I am worried that I am going to become a 2 pound a week loser. I know this is still very good especially if it is consistent...BUT my dad is paying for this program and I mentioned that it may take longer than two months to get to goal and he said that after 2 months i should know enough that I can do it on my own without paying for their food. *insert panic attack here*
I'm gonna try not to future trip too much about it though at this point. He also said that I need to get on my ellyptical or i wont see big losses either. But again I have read so many times that people slow down in their loss which i just think is an oxymoron. I am now in week 3 so technically i am past the 2 week no exercise marker. i don't know..OVER THINKING!!!!!

Good luck to everyone today have an AMAZING IP DAY!!!

One for every 5 pounds i've gotten rid of:

WI#1: -5.6; WI#2: -3; WI#3: -3; WI#4: -2; WI#5: -3.8; WI#6:+5 or so (totally not on plan this week); WI#7: -4.6
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