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Congrats to all who are having their successes today!

ok, for once and for all.........I was just told from a friend who is taking 'IP coach training"....... NO snacking inbetween meals... after the first couple of weeks. I am at 5.5 mths into this..........and we have discussed a lot about hunger and cravings.... mine was the dreaded peanut butter... STOPPED i asked the question here re: egg whites... the mix i use is 0/0/1. 30 calories. I eat at like 0630 - 7am in the morning (IP product) so by 10 or 1030 I am hungry! so have started to take the egg whites. NOW i am told that its wrong!!!!!! Carla and friends.... can you shed light on this once and for all? I dont want to be screwing up my progress..... or messing with the IP to the point of no success. Thanks to everyone

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