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Default New Determination, New Awards... New to the board too haha

Hello everyone! I'm so glad to find this board! I too am not your "average" girl. I LOVE rock; hard rock, soft rock, indie rock, metal, etc. In fact there isn't much music I don't like. I've been too lazy but I did have my hair cut so that I could do a fauxhawk. I'm in the process of stretching my ear lobes. I really want to get my lip pierced and a few tattoos but I intend to use those as "rewards" for meeting goals and keeping the weight off.

Anyway... obviously I want to lose weight or else I wouldn't be here. I've been over weight all my life. I've slowly gained more and more until I'm here... I've tried so many things without much success. I've really got into things after my daughter was born... I changed my little family's diet from "bad" things to more healthy. That did little for me... I added exercise. I got a Wii Fit and exercised two hours every day. This did little too. So I started Weight Watchers as well as exercised. I slowly started losing but after, just for fun, my husband got on the scale and had lost 5 pounds doing nothing... well it broke my heart.

A few months later I got fed up and started again. I lost 20lbs. Sadly I let go too much over Christmas and gained 10lbs back. Well now it's time to get serious again. So I'm here for support from people like me!

I'm not sure what else to write here... or what else to do here... but hello everyone! haha
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