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Originally Posted by NHDerby View Post
Hey mamaspank -
Roller derby - yes! I've had my gear since July but am waiting for fresh meat practices to start. I can't wait to get started, but I am nervous about showing up my first time.

When did you start? How has it been going? I'd love to hear all about it. Any advice?

I started in October. That first practice was so intimidating. I went alone -- a lot of people bring a friend for their first time, even if they are just going to watch. I am not going to lie, my team is pretty elitist. Not the friendliest bunch. It took a little while to make friends, but now I am in like Flint. I am now the official photographer for the men's league and will be taking my skills test in March.

I twisted my knee in practice on Sunday, but after icing it and painkillers, I am going to skate Wednesday no matter what. You have to be able to devote quite a bit of time. Actually, a lot. I practice twice a week for a couple hours each time. The time I put in on my own though is about another four to six hours a week. I like to skate with the men's team and also skate at the local skating rink just to free skate and work on all my extra stuff that you don't really need to know for skills. Our team has some pretty flashy skaters, and those tricks come in handy during bouts.

My advice would be to just go for it. Don't let them scare you off. You have got to work your tail off. I would say I am having the toughest time building my endurance. I burn so many calories and am having a helluva time losing weight because I eat so freakin' much after practice. You really have to up your protein and try to make sure you are snacking with stuff like fruit and vegis and greek yogurt. My issue is I know I have burnt 2000 calories after a practice and promptly go and make up for it the rest of the day. You can do it. Don't let those beautiful skates go to waste. Go be aggressive and fierce.
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