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Originally Posted by lindabin View Post
will I continue to lose weight in phase 3?
Believe it or not, some people do. In general, the goal of phase 3 is more about stabilizing the weight loss. That is why you should be 100% at your goal by the time you are leaving phase 2.

Phase 3 is starting to "wake up the pancreas". It reintroduces carb based foods at breakfast and your body begins to respond and, hopefully, produce correct level of insulin levels instead of excess insulin.

There are some people who do continue to lose in phase 3 and I have not learned why. It may be because they have more energy and begin adding back exercise.

Most people slow down in phase 3 and reach a stable "end" weight. Remember, adding back carbs will add a small bump in weight as related glucose, glycogen, and water are added back to the body. It is for that reason a coach will usually have you set your goal 3 -6 pounds lower than you expect to be at permanently. Then they have you meet or surpass that goal by the end of phase 2.

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