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Default Humerous Adventures in Bra Shopping!

After much effort, today I was able to drag my sister and one of our friends to Lane Bryant to take advantage of their current bra sale. My sister is a lot smaller than I am, but is extremely curvy for her height; since LB goes down to a 36 band (and she usually wears 34 or 36), we figured she could at least check them out. Her wardrobe had been driving me insane, however, because she was not wearing the right size bra, and you could definitely tell.

The friend we were with has not had a proper fitting since gaining at least 50 pounds, so she went first. According to our very helpful sales person, she needed to go down a band size and up two cup sizes to a DDD. So she was dragged around the store, handed lots of styles and deposited in a fitting room.

Then the associate turned to my sister. She measured for her band size and agreed she would be on the small end of their selection, but they might work. Then she asked what size my sister was currently wearing. Her answer was "36C". The sales lady immediately made the most terrific face and replied with a great big sigh, "Oh, Honey.....". She then showed her into a 36DDD, which fit her fantastically.

I had my fitting done next, and hee hee. Guess who was wearing the correct size? WIN!

The story only gets better when we then took my sister by Victoria Secret, a store she had never before entered. I am pretty sure that I have read elsewhere on these forums that their measurement scheme is.... not so good for the better endowed ladies. So we cornered an associate to measure her. The sales girl measured her and announced she was between a 34 and a 36 band size -- doing good so far! Which she immediately followed with, "Oh, and definitely a C cup!"

I would think that being around bras all day, they might be able to tell a little bit better from visual inspection that someone with a huge bust line and rather small chest otherwise is not, in fact, going to be a C.
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