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Default My first 7 dys on high protein diet

Hi all, I'm a newbie (hope i'm putting this in the right place!!). A week ago i started on a high protien zero carb diet of eggs, red and white meats, bacon sausages and mushrooms NOTHING ELSE. I always used to love my carbs especially white bread and pasta etc and i also was drinking 10-12 mugs of coffee per day with semi skimmed milk and 1 spoon of sugar!! Since starting my new diet i have religously taken up the active sports program on the playstation console and also a little weight lifting every day just for 15-20 minutes or so. At the start of the diet i have also gone down to only 1 coffee in a morning (same ingredients as before) and 6-8 pints of water per day!
My meals stay the same every day for breakfast (2 boiled eggs and mushrooms) dinner is a piece of meat and 2 poached eggs and mushrooms and tea/supper is a couple of slices of bacon and a few sausages with mushrooms! In my first week i have lost 8lbs! My start weight was 238lb last monday and i am now 230lbs!! My goal is to get down to 190lb by july 7th when my wife, children and i go to egypt for 3 weeks
My question is....If i was to stick to this strict regime would i lose the same kinds of weight week in week out? or would it stabalize??

Thank you for comments/advice in advance, Andrew
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