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S/C/G: 246/231/125

Height: 5' 3"


Screen Name:

Age/Age Range:

Family Life:
Married + 3 kids

In Nursing School

Hobbies and Interests:
I <3 to shop, enjoy watching my kids in their activities, and spending time with my family.

Favorite Music:
I love all kinds of music, especially classic rock and dance music!

Favorite Color(s):
Pink, Blue, & Yellow

Favorite Exercise/Workouts:
Right now I'm enjoying Wii Fit and I'm looking forward to adding more things to my routine!

What are your fitness/health goals?
More then anything, I'm just tired of being unhealthy and overweight. My biggest goal is to have a healthy BMI.

What was the "trigger" or incident that made you decide it was time to lose weight and become more fit?
I've been "deciding" to lose weight for a long time, but I think with time I realized that this is a lifestyle change ... it's about giving up the quick, easy, fast foods and really think about what I put in my mouth is the same for my kids. I really don't want them to grow up unhealthy, plus it's not easy being big and unhealthy for me too. It was just time to change.

What do you struggle with the most on this journey to health?
So far I've been doing really well (it's only 2 weeks - HA), but my biggest struggle is how am I going to make this work while I'm at school - that's giving me a bit of anxiety.

What are three things in the area of diet/exercise you need to improve?
I need to learn more portion control, what is OK to snack on, and exercise more!

(Evil motivation ) Who do you want to look better than? :
I want to look better then I did on my honeymoon!!

What can you not wait to wear when you are at goal weight or size?
I don't want to wear anything old - I wanna shop for all NEW clothes!! I can't wait!
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