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Default DH and I go to the gym together quite often. He is one of those jerks that start going to the gym and lose any excess body fat they had in 4 weeks.....starts showing definintion right away......can cardio for hours....blah, blah, blah. But, I have discovered that I am pretty tough myself .....just have this extra layer around everything that hides a lot of my progress. Ha. Good for you for working out a plan. We have tons of fun at the gym.

We have been working on our house like crazy lately. It is good, cuz so much of this work needs to be done...but everything else sure is suffering....say the laundry mountain that has grown arms and and mouth and laughs and tries to grab me when I walk by it.. It is not easy being a construction worker housewife/mom. I love it, but it can be a bit frustrating.

Ok, have to run....the kids have today off, and my DS, Andrew, who is 6, informed me that he has Monday off too, "cuz it's the King's Birthday." Ha!

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