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From the South Beach web site's Daily Dish:

Shirataki Noodles are acceptable for every phase of SB.

Here's a little info about Shirataki Noodles, made from tofu and a Japanese yam (also known as Konjac):

They're about 96% water and 4% soluble fiber. So its a great low carb noodle! They are a very traditional Japanese product. The word shirataki means "white waterfall," because of the appearance of these noodles. They are translucent and have no discernable taste of their own. But they easily absorb flavors from the other ingredients they are cooked with. So go ahead and use them as you would any other noodle or pasta They can also be sauted in a pan with garlic and soy sauce.

The noodles come packaged in water in a plastic bag. I've also heard they come in cans, too. Please drain the noodles well before cooking. The noodles can stay at room temperature for about one year. Do not freeze. To cook, simply steam, saute or boil for 3-5 minutes. Then add them as an ingredient to any other dish. You can even use them cold with a simple dressing.

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