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Joan, I am down to only 15 pounds more to lose too. It seems so close, but the last pounds come off way harder than the first ones do, so you have to expect it to take some time. I'm thinking I can reasonably do it in 3 months. There is a company meeting end of March in Dallas, so I'd like to be at least close to my goal weight by then. My foot is finally feeling better, so I'm hoping that upping my activity level will be what is needed to get the scale moving down again, since the scale stalled out and the foot being bad happened at the same time. I'm afraid to do too much too soon though.

Nicole! I saw the pictures on facebook, your tiny ones are getting bigger! All great looking kids though. Its so great that you take the time to exercise and have a bit of time for yourself. You need the break and the exercise, and overall I think it will give you more energy when you get home. I know when I exercise regularly, somehow I need a bit less sleep... as when I don't exercise, I sleep 9 hours a day, so for me it is a net gain.. an hour of exercise 3-4 days a week and I only need 7.5....
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