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Good morning I have a new dark roast coffee I'm in love with. I don't like grinding it (too loud) but it is so good. The company runs a promotional thing too, collect bags and turn them in for stuff. They have stainless coffee mugs with a carabiner hook that I just have to save up for. 24 bags isn't very long in our house.

Natasha- I'm glad you're inside where it's warm and safe. I'm used to winter but I still really hate ice storms. It's the one thing that scares me.
What a gorgeous babe! Thanks for sharing

Fluffy - great planning ahead! Is it a weather related thing (can't remember where you are)? I hope they let you out soon and your travel is safe.

We have a winter storm heading our way tonight so I'm adjusting my work plan for the week. Seems storms like to come in when I'm planning to go over the mountains. I don't go that way if the weather is iffy. The mountains have their own weather as it is.

Today I'm talking to my direct supervisor about making a plan to transition my turf to someone else. I want to give them plenty of time to make this work well. Since I don't yet have another job that's easy but if I get an offer that will change. I've been thinking a lot about what, if anything, might make me stay with them because I think they will offer. Truth is whether or not I'm any good at the job there are some reasons I'm a valuable staff member (and I am really good at some things and not so good at others). I need to make sure I'm very clear about my issues and frustrations and especially my needs. I thought I was before they hired me but things didn't work out the way I was told they would. I just hope it's a good conversation. I think it will be okay.

Meanwhile I'm planning a long weekend at the folks this weekend and another trip in 4 weeks. Their 50th is coming up in Feb. and all they want is dinner with the family. Weather permitting we will deliver that. Julie and I, DD and her bf, and my DB and his SD will all be there. His wife doesn't fly so we won't have everyone but it will be more than they expect. I'll make arrangements for that while I'm there this weekend.

Okay, off to plan the day. I still have lots of work to do around my meeting. Have a great day Chicks and stay safe and warm wherever you are
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