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Originally Posted by Lightweight View Post
Okay I confess.. I cheated. I don't seem to be able to sick to protocol when I am away from the house. I still have issues.. scary since I'm going to Cuba (country of carbs)for a month. My coach says have a fun vacation and we'll get back on track when I return... After cheating the craving comes back.. feeling hungry again. And not feeling as good. That feeling of well being has slipped away. But I will keep trying... only 7 more pounds to reach my goal.. so I wonder should I try to go to phase 2.. leaving on the 30th of Jan. or Just eat protein and carbs.. and exercise.... I want that feeling of well being again.. I was at the point where I thought I would feel "old" and that would be my life... but IP showed me different... Cheaters never prosper... it's true!
Did eating protein and carbs with exercise work for you before??? If you totally ingnore protocol, now matter what if it is phase 1, 2, 3, or 4, just because you are going on vacation.....what about the next vacation? What about 'maintenaence'? Are you only going to do maintenance when you are at home? IF this is going to be your philosophy when you reach your goal will you have changed your relationship with food and are you truly on IP maintenance? or just another yo-yo diet?

Please take these questions with the feeling that I promote inner thought......
Best of luck on your journey
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