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Hi cool to see the old regulars....

Welcome newbies!

I gave up diet coke in November 2009 because I figured it was rotting out my inside and I read that drinking diet soda was making me fat...Well, guess what, I'm a good 10 lbs heavier this year. Blame it on age (I'm 53), but I feel I can say that diet sodas do NOT make us fat..... not working out, eating junk, and not planning our food each day is what makes us, uh, height challenged!

Julie - Jan 18 will be here before you know it!!

Jillian - thanks for sharing your log and stats.....I commend you! Even with a sore back and old achy muscles, I have managed to log about 25 miles in the last 7 days. Not too shabby, but I was aiming for 28.....Consistency is key!! I've also learned I have to shut this darn computer off and JUST DO IT. I'm typically a morning work out gal, but had to work out a few nights and let me tell you, I slept the best I have in ages! So this may be my year to mix things up....

Atlanta is expecting yet another major snow fall (3-5 inches) on Sunday; they are already cancelling flights and will probably shut down the schools on Monday.....I better get my healthy food tomorrow morning before all the shelves are cleared out! Night all...........

5'3" ... 54 years young
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