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YAY Kaplods!

So WITH your post! To me, carbs aren't bad, fat isn't bad, protein isn't bad, salt isn't bad, eggs aren't bad, you name it. It's just a matter of being moderate and choosing our food wisely. Balance is nice.

I don't do that well if my carbs go super low, I start to crave fat and eat too much of it, erasing any deficit. I also lose energy. Mind you, if I go low fat, and eat too much in the way of starchy or sugary carbs, I start to go overboard on carbs. Eating in a balanced matter, I stay more sane and stick to it better.

Even there, I allow myself one or two higher calorie days a week and the ability to have a treat or two, even those that aren't "good for you". As the rest of my eating is mostly whole and unprocessed foods, I figure I am good to go.
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