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First, off --- WOW! You are really working your plan, both the food side and the exercise side. I am impressed with your stick-to-it-ness and the fact that you accept some pain as a possible side effect of the exercising and just shrug and go on. (I whimper, believe me, I whimper.)

I don't know much about this, however, your calories do sound a little low to me for your level of activity. You could plug your weight and a reasonable estimate of your activity into a calculator like the one they have at the or similar sites and find out what they say. I have also had friends tell me they lose weight better when they get 3 servings of dairy, but that might be specific to them.

Remember, it is physically impossible to take in fewer calories than you expend and not lose weight eventually, so keep up the very, very good work. It WILL happen!!

(Hey! I bet you can burn a bunch of calories by throwing a major fit at your stubborn scale --- and you might scare that puppy into delivering some better numbers! )

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