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Thanks for sharing. On November 1st, after 3 strict months, I had lost 70 pounds. Well for whatever reason, the next day I slipped...and for the past 2 months, i have struggled to get back on and stay on plan. I can go a day and then the next, I slip. So my advice to anyone who is considering a cheat, DON'T! I wish I had never had, and honestly if I hadn't slipped and my weight loss had continued at the rate I had been losing, I would be at goal. So it really cost me. However, it showed me that even though I had given up all carbs for 3 months and hadn't binged in that time frame, I still had issues.

I had a great on plan day today, tomorrow will be the test. I am believing I will be successful.

started i.p. 7/27/10
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