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Question Skin problems or acne?

Anyone suffer this? I do. As a teenager, I rarely had a pimple, but once I gave birth to DD, my hormones hit the fan and I experienced all manner of fun stuff such as a SEVEN MONTH LONG period (was beginning to think I was cursed! Tried BCP; Depo shot-nothing stopped it. Finally stopped after getting an IUD) and my face broke out like a pubesent kid! I've had cystic acne ever since. I hate it because I've now got some scarring and almost a constant "spot". Any photos I do allow to be taken, I edit because it's embarrassing!

Anyone out there got any tried and true methods of dealing with this? I've gone to a dermatologist who put me on doxy antibiotics for it, which worked until the Rx ran out, so she tried some acidic cream which was very harsh on my skin. I've tried proactiv, mary kay, avon and clinique pimple treatments as well as anything I could find in a drugstore.

I had a facial about 2 years ago and the girl doing it reccomended I use an antibacterial face soap, so i got some dermalogica ($$$!) and it helped a bit, but I still kept at least one spot all the time. I recently started using cetaphil antibacterial soap and it also seems to help, but doesn't clear it all up. Went for another facial about 3 mos ago and they suggested phytoclear lotion by cosmedix. It's a moisturizer with an anti-breakout treatment in it. I use it daily and also do at home micro-derm treatments once a week (also their suggestion). I am just so tired of having bad skin!
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