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Jean: Well I guess I am just to darn idealistic! My feeling is if they know the word F^&* then they are intelligent enough to be punished properly, but no matter what anymore, parents are so darned wrapped up in themselves that kids don't matter. It used to be just single moms, addict parents etc, but it is across the board now!

It is lovely here again today. Was really black looking yesterday, but never got anything but a few drops. The pollen is really bad though so I have been sneezing my head off. I want to get my upstairs cleaned and the carpets shampooed this weekend, but I am having such a rough TOM that I don't know.

Well, I am down another 6# so that is now 12 since coming back from Indiana. I have now lost 78 total which is amazing to me! I am just thrilled I have found something I can really live with and exercise that for now I can do.

Well, have to go. Everyone have a great weekend!

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