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Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
... but I think it's important to still realize that anything, even fruits and vegetables, can be unhealthy or a poor choice, if you're eating them too excess or eating them to the neglect of other foods, or if you have problems/issues when you eat those foods.

Sure it takes a lot more green beans than potato chips to reach the "poor choice" level, but it's so important to look at all foods within the context of the whole diet, and not just one meal or even one day at a time.

It's the big picture that is so hard to see when you try to pidgeon hole foods into neat, orderly categories like "good for you," and "unhealthy." It's never that simple.

We really need to fight the urge to oversimplify.
Right. The key is moderation, which seems simple, but really isn't.

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