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S/C/G: h254/IP248/186/130 or size 4

Height: 5'5" size 12 mostly


Originally Posted by yossarianlives View Post
You are hot hot HOT What a transformation--I can only hope to look like you at that weight, you are amazing!
Thank you! I honestly just barely feel average now so, THANK YOU! I am sure you will look wonderful! The inner glow alone from accomplishing something so important to us changes how others see us!

Originally Posted by bbrown655 View Post
Carla - thanks so much for your totally inspirational story. It is stories like this that help keep us motivated. I am not sure where those extra 30 (NOT) lbs might be, but I am sure if your body wants it off it will come off. Keep updating us on your maintenance. I am so very impressed!! Beth =)
You're welcome and thank you for taking time to comment. I appreciate your compliments but, trust me, I do have 30 pounds to still go! (it's a girl thing and clothes can hide so much!)

Originally Posted by susiemiller5 View Post
Wow!! you look amazing! Congrats!! And thanks for posting your pics. you are very inspiring! I am on day 3 of IP and so glad i found this forum. i was just looking at holiday recipes. thrilled with all the ideas! thx
THANKS!! I hope IP is going well for you! Have you found us on the Ideal Protein subforum? Here is the link:

Originally Posted by livelaughlove1981 View Post
WHOOP WHOOP!! you just inspired me some more! Was a little down but thanks for bringing me back up!!
I am so glad!! I was just thinking of you today! I need to send you a pm and ask about how your business plans were going!

Originally Posted by EveLHaelf View Post
You look incredible! Amazing job!

Originally Posted by Liliann View Post
Wow!! Excellent progress!!
Thank you! I am very happy with how things have gone.

Originally Posted by bridietogo View Post
One word.. WOW!

Well done! Fab job - looking amazing!
AWWW! Thank you! That is so nice to hear.

Originally Posted by 4xcharm View Post
You have the arms everyone wants!
I keep hearing that. I really am not sure how it happened my arms were the size of a small thigh when I started losing (just at 19") now they are 11.25" (inches). I am still working to have better tone but, overall, I am very happy.

Originally Posted by cherrypie View Post
wow! you are the same height as me and I can't believe how slim you look at 162
Thanks! I believe it was a combination of the diet, my past history of working out and, I have a large bone structure (just a hair under 7 inches on my wrist which is bony). My BMI says I am still overweight and I am still not at a "Great" body fat but, my body fat is about 28%. I would like to get down to about 20%.

Originally Posted by whodatchick View Post
You look absolutely beautiful and are such an inspiration!!!! I enjoy reading your posts!!! AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENT!!!!
Thank you, Lady!! I love reading your updates too! I think the entire group on the IP chat boards is very supportive and encouraging. I am so glad you are there too!

Originally Posted by AKim View Post
wow, you look amazing. you really do look years younger.
Thank you! I didn't realize how much older the weight was making me. The funny thing is I now have forehead wrinkles where I didn't when I was fatter!

Originally Posted by Coqui View Post
I was just looking at your pictures and I just have to say, WOW!!!!!. How did you get your arms so slim and tone.? That is my biggest problem area. I know everyone is different but I really would like to do the same workout you do. You look fabulous!!!
Thank you, Coqui! I wish I could give you something more than I did on the forum chat. I really didn't do anything special for the arms.

Originally Posted by jules26 View Post

YOU are so special! Thanks! I love pin up gals and burlesque art. I smile every time I see your avatar! I have a few that are my "inspiration". I want to wear a "pinup" girl look for a halloween costume next year!

Originally Posted by Phatlocalgirlnomore View Post
WOW! So very u'i (beautiful). I am even more excited and determined to stick to my IP plan. Mahalo for all you are doing on these "Threads". You are helping everyone a great deal.
Mahalo to you! I very much enjoy and gain support from all the Ideal Protein group. I just feel I am giving back what I have been given. I hope you, Jules, and Linden have a chance to encourage each other in the next few months! I wonder if you are all going to be on the same Island?

Originally Posted by hawndragon View Post
Been scanning the site, as I am new to IP. You are so beautiful, inspiring and helpful. Thank you!
THANK YOU!! I am so enjoying your participation with the group. You are really a very nice addition and, you are so MOTIVATED!

Originally Posted by fitgal4life View Post
Hot gal! Hot gal! Congratulations!!!!!!! You are so inspiring

Thank you!

THANK YOU! I very much appreciate all the compliments and feedback. At present, I am just maintaining my loss. Beginning January I will be back to the program and taking off the last of the unnecessary pounds. I will post more pictures as I meet goals along the way.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

My Progress Photos

Taking this 10 pounds at a time!

You have to choose - eat how you want to look, or look how you want to eat...
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