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S/C/G: 208/190/115

Height: 5'3


NAME: Shaina

BIRTHDAY: Nov. 16, '87

MARITAL STATUS: Single, but I'm not allowed to get married here, dang marriage laws. :/



GOAL WEIGHT: 115/120 (I'm 5'3)

EYE COLOR / HAIR COLOR: Black/ Darkish-kinda-reddish-brown

HOBBIES/INTERESTS: Music, my [co-ed] Honor Fraternity, Internet-ing, Hanging out with friends, World of Warcraft.

PETS: 2 dogs, 1 cat.


FAVORITE COLOR: Light blue (like the Tiffany's boxes), rainbow

FAVORITE FOODS: Pita bread and garlic hummus, Indian food in general, Chili, anything with BW3's Honey BBQ sauce on it, Caesar salad.

FAVORITE EXERCISE: Wii fit, jogging, jumping rope, hula hooping, dance

FAVORITE BOOK(S): Cat's Cradle- Kurt Vonnegut. Currently Working on The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo.

FAVORITE MOVIE(S): Kill Bill 1+2, Grindhouse, Pulp Fiction, (see a trend here?) Inception, Imagine Me and You, But I'm a Cheerleader, Across the Universe, any Harry Potter,

FAVORITE TV SHOW(S): Modern Family, Arrested Development (R.I.P.), The L Word, Anything on the Travel Channel besides ghost or poker shows, Anything Gordon Ramsay, Coupling, Skins

FAVORITE BAND/MUSIC: Tegan and Sara (!), Florence and the Machine, My Chemical Romance (but only Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, the rest is crap imo), Seether, Everything that pops up on my Florence and the Machine and Matchbox Twenty Pandora stations... And Lady Gaga. And some Jay-Z. There's a lot more, I just can't think right now.

PROBLEM IN WEIGHT LOSS: I get really busy with school and my fraternity and eat on-campus food which is not at all healthy. By the time I get home, I'm too drained to exercise and go to bed.

WHAT IS DIFFERENT THIS TIME THAT WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL: I'm probably going to Italy in May and I want to lose weight by then. Not just for the trip, but I'm sick of feeling like crap.

WEIGHT LOSS PLAN: Eating healthy (I'm doing a loose version of phase 2 of South Beach just so I have a guide), working out via treadmill, stationary bike and wii fit and hopefully walking a lot at work once I start (ski lifts).

RELIGION: Don't have one.

POLITICS: Everyone should have equal rights. People are people, nobody is lesser than someone else because of their religion, race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. *gets off mini-soapbox*

PIERCINGS: 2ga lobes (soon to be 0), 2 other lobe piercings, monroe, nipples. Retired: nose. Hoping to get a labret soon.

TATTOOS: None yet, but I want three little light blue birds on the inside of my left elbow.

HELLO WORLD! Here is a dancing carrot. You are welcome.
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