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Bubs: If life was fair we would all be wealthy and able to shop til we drop! I was talking to dh just the other day about her and her "fairness." I am just not the kind of person who sits around "why meing." What sense does that make? All you can do when there is trouble is to pick yourself up and keep going. She would have never survived what we went through for all those years when dh kept getting laid off all the time. I just knew the good Lord had something better for us if we just waited for him to show us!

I am sitting for the microwave arsonist today! I will make bets that mom would put corndog in papertowel when cooking so he did what he thought his mom did! He is one smart cookie and really keeps me laughing!

I just got off the phone with ds and he is closing on his house in a week. I asked if he was excited and he said no that he was but he is having trouble with the contractors. I told him welcome to home ownership it only gets worse from here!

Well, I need to get downstairs. You ladies have a good day!

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