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Good Evening, Flowers!
I've been AWOL because I've been trying to download Norton and it didn't "take" the first time so had to do it again. It takes hours to finish; I finally went to bed last night and let it run. It was 83 degrees here today! That's just a tad too warm for the first of April when we are still in school. I can't help but wonder what our summer is going to be like.

Bubbles -- I don't think we've ever gotten that much snow all at once! Just be glad that it has melted fast and that it didn't happen in November! I have to buy expensive shoes also -- if my feet hurt, I hurt all over. I have one toe that rubs and if I have shoes that are too narrow, I pay dearly later. What is the new Solitaire game? I love to play and am spoiled by playing on the computer. I have one cat that likes to be brushed and I can get several handfulls out of her any time year around. She is a short haired cat but it's very thick. DH calls her a football with legs. She has a short tail and short legs but a fat body. You will have your tiny gain gone by next week -- I have confidence in you!

Joyce -- I keep thinking of you when I see the snow coming in from the west. We didn't get any the last time. It's nice that your grandchildren can get together and have fun with you.

Donna -- I took HRT for 12 1/2 years; I just quit completely in January and the hot flashes have returned. They are nothing compared to what I had before, just very annoying. I wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes, and that really irks me. Thanks for the "War Rhetoric" -- I'm going to send it on to my #1 son as he likes that kind of stuff. I will keep my fingers crossed for you on the job interview! We are working on interviews in a class at school. We just had a speaker come who is in charge of some telemarketing sites . . . after he finished the kids asked questions. One kid asked how many sick days they get! DUMB! He told them that not many employers would let them get by with 20 absences which is what they get in school. The kid looked kind of puzzled like he just didn't get it. I'll probably be supporting him and his kids some day!

It is way past my bedtime so I am going to head in that direction.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Jean -- in Iowa!
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