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Hi everyone!

Nancy, welcome back! So glad you are happy where you are now.

and welcome back hockeychic!

Okay, I'm Holly, 42 yrs. young, lol, married for 23 the same guy. Two boys, 20 and almost 13. One dog. We live in Vermont; I was born/brought up in NJ, but my family roots are here. I, like Nola, took up motorcycling last year; I have a 2002 Honda Shadow 600, and it is my new passion. Husband, (46 this year, a multi-media designer but night job is security monitoring) also loves riding, so it's a great thing we do together.

Besides riding the motorcycles, I like to kayak, swim, and flower-garden in summer. I hibernate during winter! I'm not a skier, or snowshoe-er. I like to take the dog on long walks when the weather's nicer. And of course I love to bake, and to cook.

We have a small, fixer-upper house...and since my husband isn't much of a home-repairer, it will probably always be a fixer-upper! But I am no great shake at decorating, or imagining rooms differently, so I am not too bothered by it (meaning our home is homey AND homely, haha).

I have been chubby 4th grade. That's when I first remember the teasing/taunting . I was just mildly overweight in school, maybe size 13/14. But once I married (at 19), husband and I both started gaining.

I have been a pastry baker for 16 years; and that means alot of time on your legs, all day (or night). My knees were hurting so much by the time I was 30. I bought some video tapes, and started eating differently/exercising, and went from about 170 to 155. The pain in my knees was gone from the exercising, but I lost the weight by going low-fat, not by portions or calorie counting, so slowly the weight came back. I continued with the exercise tapes, but they couldn't compete with the no-limits eating.

I found this website in Feb. of last year; I was at 176 (I'm 5'6") unhappy, felt yucky. With the support here, and counting calories and exercising faithfully (6X week), I have lost 31/+ pounds, and wear loose size 8 and some 6. I now love to have my picture taken, and am almost a bit of an exhibitionist!

My big thing in life for the next few weeks is preparing for a road trip on the 'cycles - we're meeting some people who are riding from California; meeting at noon on May 1st at the Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. We're not camping out at night; we'll be staying at motels. I will need hot baths and clean sheets after riding 400 mile days! We are also meeting other people there that we met on-line, thru our "biker" group, and I am "spicier" with them than the Holly you know here, so that means some spicy biker chick pics! and THAT is more motivation to keep working out.

Wow, I hogged alot of space. But it's great fun to read about all of you!

Your friend, Holly

Feb. 2002 - 176
late August 2002 - 142
post Christmas - 146
current - 143
goal - to see how I look at 141? 140?

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