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Default Hey everyone, I am back !!!!

Hey girls !!!

How the heck is everyone??? I sure have missed you guys !

I am now living in Calgary ...Yippee for me.. it feels so good to be back with my hubby once again. Being apart from each other for almost 4 months was a little too much !!

The move from BC was a real pain. Bruce had to fly in from Calgary to Kelowna BC and the catch a ride with his niece to Kitimat and then we had to pack up the house and get it loaded so the trucking company could haul it out. Bruce sliced his hand open and that required stitches, we had to take a Greyhound ( as my car was in calgary)from Terrace BC to Prince George BC where we took a plane to Calgary. I meant it when I said I felt like I was living on the end of the earth, just look at what you have to go through to get the heck out of town!! I tell you I am so happy to be back in a real city!!!! I have only been here a week and I have been to Wal mart 4 times!!!!!!!!!!! The house in Kitimat has not sold yet but I know it will eventually.

My eating was totally off for almost 2 weeks but I am proud to say that I am back on program and doing good. Between eating wrong and my thyroid acting up again, I gained back almost 9 pounds, but am back down almost 4 of them. I am really working hard to get it off once again. Next friday (April 11th ) I leave for a vacation to the states to see my kids and sweet grandbaby. I am looking so forward to it. But poor Bruce will be on his own once again.

Ok so for those newcomers here is a bit of info on me.

I am 47 years old, I have 2 children my son is 31( I was a child mommy also just turned 16 when i had my son), married and is a Lieutenant in the USAF and is the proud father to my sweet little 2 yr old grandson. My daughter is 24 and works for the Department of Children and family services and is not married but has been with her boyfriend for 4 years. My husband Bruce is the sweetest man I have ever known, we will be married 2 yrs this may 26th. He has 3 grown children.

My profession is Human Resources
Mexican food is my favorite food in the world.
I hate bugs and possums(they are just too creepy ewwwww)
I love music and have always wanted to be a songwriter ( not too many people know this about me)
My favorite perfume is Design by Paul Sebastian and then Clinque Aromatics.
I love to go to the movies and I also love to bowl.
My children are my greatest achievement and they make me very proud.

My highest weight was 304 pounds and my lowest must have been my birth weight
I follow the WW program and love it! It has helped me lose 120 pounds that I have kept off for many years and WW will help me lose the remaining 30 or so pounds.
One day when I reach my weight loss goal I hope to become a WW leader.

ok, I guess I could go on and on but why bore you any longer

Im outta of here for feels so good to be back !!!!!

See ya all later


Highest wgt 304
current wgt 184.5
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