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Default Hello

Screen Name: bethann1028

Age/Age Range: 44

Family Life: Single/ in a relationship, kids at home....and a cat

Occupation: Office Manager

Hobbies and Interests: Music, cooking, anything artistic

Favorite Music: Anything and Everything!

Favorite Color(s): Blue, Scarlet, Pink

Favorite Exercise/Workouts: Walking, Yoga

What are your fitness/health goals? Gain control of my weight and fitness, get back to where I was prior to job changes, life changes, etc...

What was the "trigger" or incident that made you decide it was time to lose weight and become more fit? I dont feel like myself anymore. I miss me...and if I dont stop I will start looking like I ate the old me....ugh :/

What do you struggle with the most on this journey to health? Being thoughtful of what I'm eating. I am an emotional eater. For me, food is like a drug... My Happy Pill Dealers are Ronald McDonald and his pal Wendy.

What are three things in the area of diet/exercise you need to improve? I have to make time for exercise again. My job is great....I have the freedom to set my own hours in a manner of speaking....instead of getting up and going to the gym, I stay up late and sleep late. This has to change...back to the grind....early to bed, early to rise keeps you from having super-sized thighs!

(Evil motivation ) Who do you want to look better than? : For me I dont really want to look better than anyone, I want to feel that strength I feel when I am controlling my life and have the appearance to prove it. But I guess in some ways I want to look better than that chubby girl that is always staring at me when I walk by a store window....she seems to be everywhere I go....

What can you not wait to wear when you are at goal weight or size? Everything! Next to eating, shopping is my favorite thing to do!!!!!! And thanks to online shopping I have made a new friend....Mr. UPS man
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