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Originally Posted by nellie83 View Post
I have contacted a nearby clinic that provides IP, but can't attend an introductory meeting till January. ...
What is the success rate of keeping the weight off? I did HCG (2 rounds) but ended up gaining the weight back. Granted I did go back to eating horribly (not right away), but it seemed like the weight started coming back as soon as I brought the carbs back in (including good carbs such as whole grain pasta, etc.).

HCG also made me lose a lot of muscle mass, so I am happy that IP is supposed to maintain your muscle.

One really bad side effect that happened with HCG is that I was having severe leg cramps even when I was asleep. My doctor figured it was from a lack of potassium.
Are there any bad side effects experienced while doing IP?

Last question is regarding something that I was told when I called the clinic...they stated that prior to phase 1 they have you do an elimination phase for about a week. Does anyone have any information regarding the elimiation phase? I want to make sure that I sufficiently research before putting a lot of money towards another weight loss system.

I don't know the official numbers of how many maintain and for how long. If you just use this to drop the weight and don't change how you see and use food to maintain a healthy body and weight, you will like gain it back. Fortunately, this program has 4 steps and you do learn, very well how it is the food that helped you lose that weight ( the food helped you put it on too) and how to keep it off.

IP helps you maintain muscle mass but, IT DOES NOT prevent you from losing some muscle. You lose a small amount. No way around it. Your body doesn't need it to carry the excess weight around so, it uses a little to fuel itself in maintaining other muscle and organs. It is DESIGNED to protect essential organs and heart muscle if you use the diet and the supplements correctly.

We take large amounts of potassium on this plan and calcium/magnesium to help with muscle cramps. It could be a side effect here too but, it may not be if you take the supplements as suggested.

The elimination phase may just be your clinics way of saying ween off carbs the week before. I don't know of any other thing like you suggest. I know a few clinics like there clients to use a detox/cleanse with the program.

It could make it a bit easier to get on and stay on phase 1 if you were to ease off the carbs, assuming you are a high carb eater.

Good luck with your decision!

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