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It's possible. The scale is telling you that it is.

Is it all fat? No.

Is it all water? No.

But that day, at that given time, that is what all of your body weighs - your bones, tissues, water, joints, fat, muscle, hair, etc.

As far as ingesting an extra 35,000 calories in order to see that weight gain, time and time and time again has told me that equation that *should* be accurate - isn't.

I've fallen off that wagon hard and can't get back on. I've lost control again and can not stop gaining weight!
Stop telling yourself this. You most certainly CAN get back on the wagon. You haven't lost the control. It's still there. You've got it. You've just got to start using it and strengthening it. Every time you use that control, you make it strengthen it.And yes, of course you can stop gaining weight. Every excess pound on you is one that CAN come off of you. Being overweight, luckily is not a permanent *condition*. You DO have control over this. You get to decide whether or not you continue to gain more weight or whether you LOSE weight.

Come up with a plan that you're WILLING to stick with, see it through, stop giving yourself permission to eat poorly and that weight will come off. The recent weight and the not so recent weight.
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