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just Rhonda please!
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Hi ~ I'm Rhonda and I live just outside of Houston Texas. For 5 of the last 9 years, Men's Health magazine has ranked Houston as the fattest city in America. There are restaurants and fast food drive-thrus on every single corner in this city as well as right in the middle of some subdivisions of homes. And that folks is my weakness & one of the reasons I have gained 60 lbs just since moving to Houston, TX five years ago.

I have tried every single diet that has been mentioned in this thread except 1 -- someone mentioned the blood-type diet. haven't tried that one, don't really want to now that I have found IP!

Can you believe how full just 1 of the IP supplements makes you?? I like to compare it to friends to a Slim-Fast with added protein. But when I've done Slim Fast dieting (3 times in my life) I've always felt I needed a sandwich & chips with my slim fast drink. LOL

I'm a mother of 3 children. Each child weighed about 9 lbs. and I gained at least 50 lbs with each pregnancy. But still I cannot believe I allowed myself to reach 283 lbs at one point. May 2010 -- 283 lbs. WHEW! Sounds like a fat man in a circus.

Do you know I actually used to get teased as a kid for being so skinny? I had long chicken legs. Everyone would call me chicken legs. And I was flat as a board up top until having my first child at 20 years old.

I received a letter from my doctor's office one day & though "hmmm, what is this? Do I still owe her some money?" It was a letter describing a trip she took with another doctor to Florida for a nationwide seminar on the Ideal Protein plan. She explained that her and her partners have all been on the diet the last 4 weeks and have seen remarkable results. I should come to a free informative seminar. It was in the evening, so I went! Signed up that night and could not wait to begin! I even started no-carbing it the following day and lost 7 lbs. before I even began IP. Then started having the IP packets with my salads, veggies and meat and whew -- I am FULL.

I love feeling FULL. I hate hunger.

Looking forward to reading all about YOU.
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