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My turn!

My name is Julie. I am 31 years old. I am single have no children and 1 really fat, spoiled, fluff ball of a cat. I work as a multigrade teacher in a rural school as well as an EMT-B during my "time-off". I love to read and watch well as that involves any of my friends and/or family! I also am active in bowling, volleyball, hunting and fishing....but you would expect that from a ranch girl from Wyoming!

I have always had what I called an athletic build. However, looking back, I always knew I was bigger than my peers. Huh, go figure I thought 5'8" and 150 lbs was FAT! Too bad I was easily 4 inches taller than everyone else. Really too bad no one ever corrected the way I felt.

I really never started dieting until my 3rd year of teaching. At that point I had a total stress job....teaching on an Indian Reservation- getting chairs, scissors, books thrown at you and the kid not being punished by admins. The first diet I tried was Atkins with exercise.....and I was losing....but when my hospital labs came back I STOPPED!!! Yikes. I will NEVER do that to myself again.

In the mean time, my boyfriend and I were having troubles and I began eating. I believe I went from 180s to 240 in a slow climb in about 6 years. It's not that I ate tubs of ice cream....nope. I would eat very healthily. But, like Carla was the good carbs that were doing me in. I would eat a whole bag of corn or peas....thinking, "oh, double the veggies...skip the dessert." Lesson learned.

My BF and I have since moved in together (dated for 6 years now) and things are going great. My aunt, a Physician's Assistant, told me about IP. She had found out from her chiropractor. She said she recommended it and everyone she knew that did the diet, changed their lifestyles. I thought, what the heck. Why not?

Before I started, I did some internet searches to read up on what I was getting myself into. That is how I stumbled across 3FC. WOW! This has really been my saving grace! My bestie started a few days after me, and has lost all she needed and has gone off the, I am alone....but, I'm not. You all have been here. I love this diet (a little frustrated with myself at times). I love this forum (a little brutally honest at time- which we all need). Thank you. I have complete confidence in what I am doing.
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Married 8/6/11 to my best friend! And now.....

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