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I really needed this threadÖ just to read your stories. They inspire me and touch my heart.

Iím Marion. Iím 44 years old and Iíve been married 26 years. We have 3 daughters that are 20, 17 and 13 years old. I have been dancing since I was 12 years old in one style or another and thatís how I met my husband.
Iíve struggled with weight since I was in 5th grade--- or at least my view of my weight. By the time I was in high school, I was buying into weight tables that said I was fat even though I was dancing at aerobic levels for 4 hours a night 6-7 nights a week. When I had a body fat test done sometime between when I was 18-20, I was 20% body fat, but because I weighed 185 pounds, I believed I was fat.

I had a pretty serious ankle injury that stopped me from dancing and resulted in surgery number one and some weight gain which kind of just got out of control. After several attempts at various diets including the infamous Phen/Phan pills, I yo-yoíd all over the place. Coupled with having PCOS which has led me to several miscarriages and hormones that just are uncooperative my metabolism was rolling downhill. Iíve had two more ankle reconstructions since then as well.

Perhaps the final straw for me occurred in 2003 when I was working with a doctor and finally making some progress. About 3 months into treatment, I found out I was pregnant (which had also happened the last time I had lost weight), but this time it was twins. A couple of months later, I began to spot and soon found out I was miscarrying. I worked as a wedding coordinator the day I lost my babies. I was pretty upset and took an unhealthy attitude that I just didnít care. Here I was getting healthy and I still lost my babies! More weight gain.

Several factors that were for the most part out of our control led me to the point that I added adrenal fatigue onto an already growing list of medical problems. I didnít begin treatment for that until 5 years later which was February of 2010.

Even though I have struggled with weight and medical stuff for the last several years, I was finally able to start putting the pieces together to make changes in my life and probably, most importantly, God was changing my heart.

In March, I started to really make changes in my life by changing what I was eating and exercising beyond dancing that is pretty much ďnormalĒ life for my body after all this time. In 4 months, I had a net weight loss of 16 pounds which was better than the 301 pounds I had started at, but it was going to be a long journey and I was really having doubts. I had gone back to school the year before, but finally decided on getting my BS in Sports and Health Science with a concentration in Exercise Science. I felt like I was sticking my neck out being the fat girl in a fit major, but it has worked well for me.

I went for a chiropractic adjustment and he had an Ideal Protein brochure there. I asked a couple of questions, but was EXTREMELY skeptical, but it did seem to meet most of what I thought I needed to do to lose weight. I talked to my husband figuring heíd say no, but he said, go for it. July 7th was my first day. Tomorrow I go in for my 20 week weigh in. Itís been two weeks since my last one, but as of week 18 I was down 56 additional pounds which averages out to just over 3 pounds per week.

My last two weeks have been pretty crazy for reasons that would all sound like complaining, so Iím going to skip it, but I had been very committed to staying with IP until I reached my goal of 185, but Iím starting to think differently about that now. Part of doing IP was to give me an opportunity for some behavior modification which I believe has happened, but there are lots of things going on that are making me think about phasing out to a plan that I can/will follow for life. Iím going to talk to my coach in the morning and seek her counsel. I have already spoke to my husband who agrees with my thought process. I may even decide to start back at a later point, but weíll see.

Feel free to read through my blog linked in my signature for more details on this whole journey. As I make a decision about what Iím going to do from this point, Iíll probably end up posting more of those factors and details there but for now, Iím just trying to sort them out.

Began IP 7/7/10 and lost 85 pounds--regained about 25. Back to finish what I started!
"If you can learn to master the moment of decision, you will master life." --Matthew Kelly
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