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Health vs. Madness
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I am 59 years old with two adult children and eight beautiful grandchildren. I have been married to the same wonderful man for 41 years. I remember the first time I knew anything about weight or gaining weight was when I was in the fifth grade. A neighbor told me that I was getting fat, so I took the bull by the horns and lost some weight. It was that simple - and for the only time in my life, I lost it and didn't have a weight problem for many years. I was a mere 17 years old when I married a man who was on his way to Viet Nam. I weighed 125 and was in great shape. My husband always said that he married me for my thigh muscles. I weighed 162 when he got home a year later.

My new husband hated me fat and so the battle with weight and the effect it had on my life was devastating. I have been to diet pill (speed) doctors starting back in 1970, fought anorexia with no hair and no monthly periods for two years. Decided I wanted children so I started to eat (after some difficulty) and I couldn't stop - gained 100 pounds. Hated myself and everyone around me, so I had my stomach stapled in 1981 (thank goodness it had nothing to do with the intestines back then) and lost 100 pounds. Started gaining and Bulimia snuck in and controlled my life for many years. I would try to diet healthy and the Bulimia would creep back in. Diabetes was a very familiar face to me since my early 20's. Losing and gaining weight repeatedly had ill effects on my body. I never felt thin - it didn't matter what I weighed. I was addicted to food.

Last year I was at the bottom as far as my health. I was almost crippled, walked with a cain, couldn't go up and down stairs, broke my knee because I couldn't walk right, took 7-9 insulin shots per day, I had high blood pressure, on a multitude of prescriptions and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be able to work much longer. I couldn't shop anymore and it was all I could do to babysit my grandchildren, let alone play with them. I was at my highest weight - over 270 pounds! I was thinking of applying for disability. I was told that both of my knees needed replaced, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I had to do something, so they started by doing some MRIs of my spine, I DIDN't FIT IN THE MACHINE. I had to go to a special place with a special machine. This was the beginning of LIFE for me. A friend had been wanting me to go with her to the orientation for Ideal Protein and so I reluctantly went. I hadn't lost more than a few pounds in many years and I was desperate because I thought I would soon be disabled. I started the following week on IP and my journey began.

I lost 16 pounds the first week on IP. No one could believe it. The NP told me that I was the sickest person they had ever signed up for this plan. But I was motivated. Soon they found that I had a disc in my neck pressing on my spinal cord and they operated. I was home from work all summer and spent the summer concentrating on IP, losing weight, and learning to walk all over again. It was great. I was in my pool walking, walking, walking until I got it right. The weight just fell off. I just followed the IP protocol and I just kept getting smaller.

I found Three Fat Chicks on a Diet in June, two months after I had started the plan and I instantaneously had a new support system. I continue to follow the IP protocol every day and the weight keeps coming off. I have currently lost 102 pounds with 45 more to go. I am physically fine - I can walk, run, exercise, and barely take insulin. I had something like rooster comb injections in my knee and there is virtually no pain there, either. Taking 100 pounds of weight off of them has had to help.

What is different this time (I am sure you are asking yourself) - the difference this time is that I did it for totally different reasons than I have ever had to before. It wasn't vanity, or for my husband, or for strangers that look at me, or because I didn't fit in the MRI machine - it was because I was afraid for the first time in my life. I am no longer afraid. I can look at food and I know that I do not want to ever go down that road again - I no longer have to worry about when I go off of the "diet" that I will gain the weight back. Because - I have a plan - the IP Maintenance Phase 4 Plan.

It is not about the food anymore - it is about choice - and I choose life over food, it is about peace within, and I choose peace, it is about loving myself enough to do it someone else's way and I choose the IP way. I have always been a strong woman with innovative ideas, and could change careers at a whim and another degree. I don't have to be strong all of the time anymore. I can need people and depend on others to get those needs met. And that is where you come in - thank you for being there for me and witnessing the beginning of my life. I still hate exercise though.

" One Day at a Time!"

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