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Carla, this was a fantastic idea - I can't wait to read more about all of you, my online friends!

My name is Jessica and I'm a surgical technologist at a large-ish hospital in eastern Washington. I'll be 28 in a few weeks and on New Year's eve, I celebrate my 5th wedding anniversary. I learned about IP from a coworker of mine who had started on the program and lost 20 lbs in the first 4 weeks and reduced her insulin usage by 80%. I was blown away by that and wanted to check it out.

I feel like I have battled my weight my entire life. Even when I look at childhood pictures, I was just a little bigger than everyone else. My first weight loss program was Weight Watchers in high school. I started at 161.8 and never got below 150.2. When I graduated high school, I was between 165-170 and I've steadily put on weight since then. I tried WW again in 2004 and never made much progress - my heart just wasn't in it.

My husband was diagnosed with diabetes in April of this year. He isn't overweight but has a heredity propensity to develop it. We had started to make dietary adjustments to accomodate his diabetes, but nothing major. When I heard about this diet, I knew that it would be great for me, but also very beneficial for him. He has been extremely supportive and the day before I started the program (10-10-10), we de-carbed the house. He's eating better and so am I!

I have been on the program for 5.5 weeks now and have lost 16.4 pounds. I'm back in Onederland for the first time in many years and don't ever intend to leave! I feel better, I'm shrinking out of my clothes and I'm starting to like what I see in the mirror. I can't wait to wear a bikini next summer!

This is the first program that has ever worked for me - I chose it because I had seen the results in my friend and because the way that it worked seemed logical in my head. Nothing funny about it, just real food and real results. Since starting the program, my co-worker and I have had 4 more of our co-workers and their family members join as well! Having that support at work has made all the difference in our success.

I am so grateful for this forum and all of you - it has been so encouraging going through your victories and your struggles with all of you. It helps me remember that I'm not alone.
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