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Cool idea showgirl! Here's my story...

I'm 26, am a registered nurse in a trauma ICU. I have never been a "big girl", though have always had the athletic/muscular body growing up from doing sports. I never struggled with weight up until I started nursing school... then I did stress eating, packed on a LOT of weight (highest was 215) and noticed that I was having "hot flashes", though I wasn't quite sure why, seeing as I'm only 26. My nursing co-workers would joke with me that I was going through menopause. So I finally decided to go to the doctor to find out why I was having hot flashes and was having such a hard time losing weight with vigorous exercise and counting calories, etc. Labs were drawn, and sure enough, my estrogen was low... though no idea why, because when a person goes through actual pre/menopause, your other hormones compensate... but mine weren't. I had managed to get down to 200 lbs with diet and exercise, but with taking estrogen, I ballooned up to 213 AND this was a month before my wedding!!! Talk about scary!

I managed with a very strict diet to get down to 203 for the wedding, and barely fit into my dress wedding was 7 months ago

Soo... my husband decided that he wanted to switch careers and go to law school, best scholarship he got was 2 1/2 hours away in a different state... so we moved! Moving has turned out to be such a blessing for me! I had a coworker that had done Ideal Protein with amazing results, kept asking her questions, but was so hesitant to do the diet for many reasons, i.e. price, can't have drinks at Halloween with friends, can't eat Thanksgiving dinner with family, blah blah blah... but after moving, I woke up one day and said to myself "if I keep making these excuses, I will never do it, it's now or never, and it's time to take action and make myself healthier!!" So I started the diet cold turkey 6 weeks ago.

And here's the scoop on that!
-I have lost 21 lbs so far, which is amazing in and of itself because nothing has worked in the past couple years with my low estrogen!
-I am 24 lbs lighter than I was on my wedding day!
-I haven't taken any estrogen in a month and a half, and feel so much better now than I did before!
-I've gotten soooo many compliments, it's unbelieveable!
-I've learned that I can go out, not drink, and have an amazing time and just be me!
-I've been able to get rid of everything toxic in my life, including friendships of those that weren't encouraging me to better myself, toxic foods, etc.
-I've been able to look in the mirror the past week without being completely disgusted with what I see (have had a lot of self-image problems with the weight gain)
-And the best part, my husband can't get enough of me now

This forum has been such a great help! The encouragement on here is sooo helpful and helps me to keep going! I haven't even had a cheat yet! In January, we'll be going to the Dominican Republic for vacation... I will have met my goal and phased out by then yay! And, for the first time in a long time, I will be able to rock my bikini!

Ok, that's enough talk about me :P

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