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S/C/G: h254/IP248/186/130 or size 4

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So, I'll go first.

I started Ideal Protein just a few days before Thanksgiving 2009. I had tried lots of other diets over the past 15 years and couldn't consistently drop or keep of any off the added weight I was carrying. In the months before I found Ideal Protein I actually gained 29 pounds in 12 weeks. I was devastated and frustrated. At 40 years old, I felt like I might always be fat.

I found out about Ideal Protein through my hairstylist. Her husband had learned of Ideal Protein in a round about way and, after he lost 45 pounds in 48 days, he got the approval to offer the products himself. I was one of his earlier clients. He was quiet strict and didn't allow any extra packets, restricted packets or occasional veggies. It was a long 6 months but, the 90 poiunds I lost were worth it. The best part is having kept it off for almost 5 months. I am not yet done with my journey. I would still like to lose another 30 to 40 pounds by May 2011.

As for me. I am single, no kids, and have the leisure of doing this by myself. It makes it easier at times I suppose. I have had to coordinate my new diet around cooking for visiting family but, on a day to day basis, it is just me. When I began the plan I did have to coordinate around a boyfriend that wasn't eating low carb and that was a bit of a challenge. Lots of double meals being prepared. I finally gave up and he got to eat what I ate.

I am a total animal lover! I have 2 standard poodles (Levi age 5 and Chanel 10 months) and, I have a bengal cat (Matou). They are all from rescue groups I have worked with.

My hobbies and pastimes including reading, learning about nutrition, natural/alternative medicine approaches, and reading medical journals. I also take care of my elderly granparents (age 93 and 94). I have been fortunate to have a very close family that lives a long time!

My background... I was always really thin growing up. I was tall for my age, skinny, and had a lot of muscle and was very flexible. I was always active. I played sports, swam, skated, rode bikes, played volleyball, basketball, track and field, and did ice skating. I had an image problem that began around age 10, along with early menstruation, and I could never see myself as being thin, only fat. At age 11, I was 5'5, 114 pounds and a size 3 and on a diet. At age 18 I was 128 pounds, still 5'5 a size 6 and very active. I thought I was obese. (LITTLE did I KNOW! ) I started gaining weight right after that. I would gain in burst and lose in bursts. A sudden 30 or 45 pounds up then a fast 30 or 40 down. Over the years it was more ups than down and, despite still being active, I was a size 20 and 254 pounds.

My family was really concerned about my weight; obesity isnt a common or big occurance for us. Unfortunately, thyroid disease does run more commonly. When I was struggling to lose the weight and making no headway, it was very worrisome for my family members. They watched me try Atkins (I gained weight), South beach, Blood type diet, weight watchers and a few others. Mostly I tried to exercise and eat healthy. Who knew those healthy carbs were part of my problem! Well, when they saw the results from Ideal Protein, they were right there with support and cheers. This really does work and my family will agree, it is the best thing that has happened for me!

I began the program with the attitude I would do anything for as long as it took even if I only lost a pound a week. Good thing! I lost great and was amazed and full of doubt as to how long it would last. It eventually lasted so long, I stopped wondering. In the end, after 6 months, I was losing only a pound a week. Still losing many inches though. I had gone down 90 pounds and from a size 20 to and 8/10 and size 29/30 pants and shorts. It was so much to appreciate. Unfortunately, I couldn't recognize my results in the mirror and was feeling like a failure because I wasn't losing fast anymore. I was also having many side effects that go with rapid weight loss and low carb diets. For me, it was time to take a break.

I phase to phase 2 and then 3 this past summer. It was a good thing for me. I have stayed steady. Have enjoyed a little more food. Learned I could maintain my loses. I got to go back to exercising and, I finally look in the mirror and see the girl I am now and not the girl I was. I don't go shopping and grab for the XL or 1x automatically. I feel proud that I lost 90 pounds in such a short time. It was a goal I had many years ago and I did it! I know I am not done but, I am enjoying basking in the bulk of my success and learning to appreciate the person I am now that achieved those results.

One of the best parts of this diet was finding this forum. I found the original group on here back in November of 2009. Back then the group was barely 4 months old and not very large. We had some very active participants that lost their weight and are now long gone but, they really left us with some great inspiration and motivation and, you can still find the echos of their participation in the archived threads if you want to know them. Torchlaker was very active and dedicated with great support, welcoming, and advice. Ogdog was an active member, avid cook and recipe poster, and a vegetarian. Natural Girl, Princess, Megan, and so many others left great advice and recipes too. I don't think I would have made it through the Holidays last year without ALL of them!

Since then, I have met so many wonderful people through this support group. I love being here, making friends, and sharing our knowledge of the various topics surrounding this program.

So, here I go! Another year ahead of me and hopefully a few more pounds off and many more new acquaintances and friends.

My Progress Photos

Taking this 10 pounds at a time!

You have to choose - eat how you want to look, or look how you want to eat...

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