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S/C/G: 310/*ticker*/150

Height: 5'4"


Meat (turkey burgers, deli meats, hamburger, sausage, bacon, chicken, fish -- some fresh, some frozen)


Cheese (cheddar, cream, parmesan, cottage, sometimes brie as a treat)

Other dairy (cream for my coffee, greek yogurt, the occasional glass of milk)

veggies (carrots, onions, cabbage, mushrooms, celery in the fridge -- broccoli, edamame, cauliflower, spinach, green beans in the freezer. Sometimes salad stuff, but only if I know I'm planning to use it soon)

Fruit (clementines are small and not too carb-y. I still eat half the occasional apple, or some berries. Nothing over 15 carbs at a pop though, which limits fruits a bit)

Nuts and nut butters (I wait for them to come on sale, and stock up... have to carefully measure, though, or I can easily overeat them)

High fiber/low carb bread/crackers (I don't eat these a lot, but like to have them on hand for certain meals)

Fats (butter, mayo, coconut oil, olive oil)


The lunches I take to work are very similar... hot miso soup make from bone broth (from the meat I've eaten the week before, cooked up in the slow cooker), some protein (beef deli meat spread with cream cheese, or chicken/egg salad, or leftover baked chicken or beef from night before), and something else (veggie, a bit of fruit, a "treat" of sugar-free Jello or pudding).

Breakfasts on work days are either cottage cheese and a cup of tea with cream and coconut oil, or a protein shake with berries and milk. Breakfasts on stay-at-home days are almost always bacon and eggs.

Dinners are invariably some sort of meat, and a big side of veggies.

I really suggest using a slow cooker to pre-cook things that work on your plan, especially if you're the only lower-carb eater in the household. That way you're not spending all your time preparing multiple dinners. I usually have chili, beef stew, and chicken cacciatore or chicken w/olives on hand in the freezer in single-serving containers. Makes dinner SO much easier!
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