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Default Marshmallows

Been craving Rice Krispie Treats....badly...for days- no desire to buy a full box of Rice krispies...nor to eat all those calories. Add in the fact that Rice Krispie treats are my kryptonite - I'll eat an entire pan and not even blink - and this was not a craving that boded well for my plan.

But tonight, I spied the bag of marshmallows in the pantry, and I decided that they'd make a fantastic dessert. I toasted the marshmallows one at a time over my gas stove. Each one would take a couple of minutes to get it nice and gooey inside without burning too much. Four marshmallows (and 100 calories) later, I am completely satisfied with my yummy, sinfully sweet, choice - way more satisfied than I'd ever be after 100 calories worth of Rice Krispie treats -

and still under my calorie goal for the day
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