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I lost a lot of hair during a large and suddenly weight loss (because of illness)a couple of years ago. I had to cut my hair short because it was looking stringy. It grew back. But now I IP I've had only a little bit of hair loss. It seems to get worse for most people around the 50lbs weight loss marker. My also has a texture difference. I've been on IP since June. From my roots down to about four inches my hair is smooth and almost straight. Everything below that is rougher and has more wave. So I have a demarkation all the way around my head. Grr. There isn't a flat iron in the world to make it blend and I'm not about to cut all my hair to only fours inches. I still keep it short. Just barely below my ears and shorter/stacked in the back. In a couple of months it will all be grown out. Takes time, but honestly no one else notices unless I show it to them.
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