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I too believe it. Every other time I've lost weight and counted calories I didn't necessarily eat the healthiest food.

I remember in high school (when i was at lowest weight) I had cereal for breakfast, then a sandwich for lunch and cheesy poofs or soup (school always served a soup) and a little debbie. Then dinner was always one of those little tubs that give a cup of food maybe but it was things like beef stew or ravioli and then again little debbies or ice cream or something. I ate maybe 1200 calories per day max and did NOT exercise. I lost weight (130s high 120s for a few weeks) and I kept it there until i started eating 'like a normal person' again. I did it again later in college but I tried to eat somewhat healthier and exerecised and I never made it back down to my high school weight or a healthy weight in general (under 145 for my height). I ended up giving up and now here I am!

I'm hoping I can get down to 145 healthfully but we shall see!
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