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I know what u mean about the never gains weight thing. My wife is 5'7" and 127 and eats like crap most days. Chips, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. She just happens to have outstanding portion control (accidental) She just gets full so easily and eats extremely slowly (opposite of me).

It was so hard watching my wife eat whatever when i started this journey, but it has gotten so much easier. (2.5 yrs) I just think about where i was everytime i eyeball something i would like to eat too much of.

I'm sure you will do great and like the above poster said, theere will be bumps on the road. We are all human after all.

You thought about what you ordered first even though you feel you went overboard. That shows you were thinking of the best choices. Sorry for rambling, good luck with your journey.

5 lbs lost per smiley:

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