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*Laffin'. I read the "Protection for Apple" post and thought it must be for an Apple computer. I learned something--I did not know there was such a thing as a banana protector. Now, as for bananas,*they are some delicate fruits!

As a farm girl, and someone who grows my own apples organically, picks them off the ground and wipes them on my jeans before chomping in, I don't treat them as delicately as all that...the worst thing I can do to affect the taste and texture of an apple is to leave it out of the fridge for any length of time..I would think if you are eating the apple the same day you are carrying it around, a superficial bruise or two would not be an issue. Lord knows any apple I throw in my purse for a noon snack had better fend for itself among the (unthinkable) collection of schtuff I have in there! I really think if you haven't eaten the apple the same day you are transporting it, the best thing to do is re-refrigerate. They are one of our more portable choices, after all.

Good for you for carrying a pectin-rich snack around, and being protective of it, too.
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