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I wanted to add my reviews. I am solely WS and new so I haven't tried alot.

Cinnamon Crunch Cereal. I really like it. I use fat free milk and it's delicious and even though the portion seems so tiny I find I am actually full after I eat it.

Berries and Chocolate Cereal YUM I love this one. Again, tiny portion, but it's doing the job. I am not hungry until my next meal which is my shake/fruit.

Vegetable Cheese Omelet Avoid this one. It's just disgusting. I choke it down, but it's not pleasant at all. And if you over cook it, it's worse. I add a dash of hot sauce and a tiny bit of realy grated Parmesan to sort of give it more taste. But the texture and the taste are almost unbearable.

Chocolate Cream Pudding/Shake
Cocomint Pudding/Shake
I love these. They both are really delicious as shakes. The only thing I have noticed is sometimes the powder is stubborn when mixing. I haven't tried them as a pudding yet.And after reading this thread I am going to try them blended with ice. Sounds delicious. As shakes, very yummy and satisfying. I might even blend my chocolate with my fruit (banana) .

Protein Bars
I have tried the Peanut Butter Crisp and Chocolate so far. And both I really enjoy. I am not much of a sweets person. But when I crave chocolate this hits the spot. I also have the chocomint that I can't wait to try.

Strawberry Smoothie this is so good mixed with cold water or milk. Either way it's delicious! I love this one as a way to get away from the chocolate.

Zesty Vegetable Chili I just got this today and decided to have it for lunch. 1 tiny amt of fat free shredded cheese and sour cream and this was the perfect lunch!

Steak and Cheese Mac I really like this one. The beef is like chipped beef and what I do to mine is add a bit of oregano or seasoning and a couple dashes of hot sauce and it fills me up nicely for lunch. The portion size on this one seems larger than the others. Once you add a little to it, it's very palatable.

Spice Mac and Cheese
I don't care for this one. The taste is ok, but it never seems to cook just right for me and the portion is tiny. It's not bad tasting. I just wish it had a tiny bit more to it and that it cooked to the same consistency of the Steak Mac and Cheese. It always seems over cooked. Will probably order something else next time.

Hot Chocolate I got this in my sample pack and it's really not bad. I actually added mine to my coffee for some flavor in the morning and it's very good!

Pretzel bows I got these in my sample pack again. I ate them the 1st time because I was wanting some crunchy, but they have a weird texture I can't seem to get past. I won't be ordering these. They also have strange taste that I can't seem to put my finger on.

But so far, I am very happy on Wonderslim. And I am just drinking lots and lots of water. And Crystal Light if I need some flavor.
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