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Unhappy I hate to ask for help, but PLEASE help me

I really do hate to ask for help, and I rarely ever do, but I really need some help and encouragement right now. I have been on plan for the past 5 months. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but yesterday I started eating more and feeling just yucky.

This is the point, in my past weight loss journeys, that I would have just given up and started eating my way back to obesity. I have read tons of information on this site and I have formed new habits that have been carrying me through, until yesterday. I haven't even really been craving things that would normally derail me.

I didn't eat any unhealthy food yesterday, just a lot, LOT more than usual. Today I went to Albertsons and got some Planter's almonds, dark chocolate almonds and cranberry mix. It is 170 cals. for a 1.4 oz serving with 10 g of fat per serving. I figured, ok, I am having cravings, so I will eat just 1 serving. After eating the 1 serving, I could not leave it alone. I ate at least 3 servings, started crying and threw $7.00 worth of food in the trash so that I would leave it alone.

Honestly, what the h*ll is wrong with me? I really wish I understood the psychology behind cravings and binging. I have done so well. I haven't been depriving myself or starving like in past attempts. I haven't used crazy supplements or tons of exercise. I have been so proud of myself until yesterday and today when I realized that the fat, out-of-control girl is still waiting, quietly, under the surface, ready to attack my willpower and confidence when she gets the chance.

I don't mean to be dramatic, I really don't, but that's exactly how I feel. I've never been very good at understanding my own feelings either. I have never been able to relate binging to feelings, no matter how hard I try. I have always been a tough person who just believes in laboring forward.

What do I do? Help.
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