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What carly said.

I think this is a *very* individual thing. For me, there's also a fine line between which situations the quickest way to eliminate the craving is to indulge it (within reason) versus when it would start the hunger/craving cycle. Knock on wood, I've been generally good at judging which will happen.

For example, I was recently in a big city with a supermarket that has a lot of items I don't usually have access to. I happened to see a package of franks in puff pastry dough, which I think of as something that I *love*. I decided to buy a package--it was about 500 calories, and I had it for dinner one day.

You know, they were pretty good, but not nearly as special as I remembered. So I satisfied the desire, and I don't think I'll have the desire again.

As long as I don't overdo the carbs otherwise, I can usually tolerate minor splurges without starting the hunger pangs. One time I had a fairly large piece of Oreo cheesecake that I figured would probably make me hungry for about a day, and it did, but it was worth it! After the day when I was sort of hungry, I was fine after that.

Since "real life" often involves social events with food, I think it can be good to experiment to find out what your limits are. Even if it works out badly, it's a learning experience.
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