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Hair loss and hair cut:

Saw my dermatologist this morning. For hair loss she recommends Rogaine for Men 5% solution used twice a day (yep 2 times).

Biotin supplement 1x daily.

She said Nioxin and Rogaine work differently. Nioxin is for thinning hair whereas Rogaine is for RE-growing hair.

She said hair loss caused by dieting is common and to expect at least 6 months before hair fully grows back.

So... after the appt, I had my hair all chopped off. Yep, went from hair well below the shoulders, to an extremely short, layered hairstyle. I like it, but it's completely different as I've never had short hair before. I was getting tired of the hair in the sink, on the bathroom floor, in the tub drain... those who are loosing hair know what I'm talking about. Yes, my hair is still falling out, but at least it looks fuller now with all of the layers. Plus, I figure in six months it'll be grown out anyways and my new hair will be back. Change is good!

Who ever said beauty hurts???? LOL
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